Why sales people afraid of online reviews?

Online reviews are very much popular in the modern world, but they are a cause of worry for entrepreneurs and their sales teams. There are valid reasons for it. Business focuses a lot on the product development and marketing. Sales team works in the market to increase the sales figure. Online reviews can make a significant dent in the image of a product, if there are too many negative reviews. There are considerable people pay attentions to the online reviews. Contrary to the popular belief, there is a huge chunk that readers the online reviews and even change the buying decision on the basis of positive or negative remarks about a product or service. The stature of online reviews is becoming bigger and bigger. Sales people should never underestimate and keep a notice of them.

Why is the credibility?

There are actually various reasons behind the credibility of online reviews.

a) People trust others than the company itself: It is a fact that people trust somebody else’s opinion more than the company’s propaganda. We feel that the company never tells the truth about the product and always highlight the nice things. Sales people, especially have a lesser credibility in the market regarding the objectivity of the product review. Therefore, online reviews are considered more accurate, genuine and honest.

b) People feel that online reviews are frank: Online reviews do not reveal the personal identity and therefore, people are more frank and candid about the review. Obviously it brings out the actual things about a product or service. That is the reason sales people take online reviews as a threat to the business and consider it a negative thing.

c) Online reviews have a wider reach: The internet is becoming popular day by day and the reach of online reviews is equally expanding. Needless to say, there is an increasing fear about it. The more people become aware of online reviews; there is a bigger threat for the sales people. They will have to put additional efforts to establish the repute of the product or the service.

You can become an active person on the internet to give product feedback and remarks by logging on to the website like www.robinreviews.co.uk where you can post review about anything. There is no need to reveal the identity and you can keep it anonymous. The only thing is there should be genuine reviews without any prejudice. Becoming a part of these online review sites will help others in selecting the right thing.

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