Tips to Write Product Reviews

It has become a common habit for people these days to search for user reviews on the websites before purchasing any product or a service from a website. People also often check for reviews before going to a particular restaurant. The review websites have turned out to be great tools for potential buyers that help them make their purchase decisions wisely. Listed below are few tips that can help you write great product, service, and restaurant reviews.

  1. Start with a short title followed by a short and crisp description about the product, service or the restaurant; then your experience and finally a summary. Site specific examples supporting your comments.
  2. Be creative in writing. Just about a paragraph is enough. Make sure grammar and spellings are correct with no extra long sentences. Avoid over usage of punctuations. Never ever use abusive language in your reviews. Try to keep the language simple and sober.
  3. Even if you have some negative feedbacks, write them is a constructive manner so that business owners can take these comments and improve on them. Always mention what exactly failed to meet your expectation either for the product or for the service.
  4. Make sure you are not copying the content and sharing your own experiences with the product or a service.
  5. While writing book reviews, at the end, do mention the types of readers who would be interested in the book, for example, youngsters, kids, elder people etc.
  6. While writing reviews for a place, do mention about the must visit tourist attractions at that place. Also, do mention about the interesting places for kids to visit if any. If you hired a travel guide or if your trip was arranged through a specific travel agency, do mention their names as well.
  7. For hotel reviews, do mention about its quality of services and quality of food. Also, mention the behavior of staff and your recommendations for improvements.
  8. Also, at the end give an overall rating of the product or restaurant that you have written review for.

If you are residing in UK and want to share your experiences with certain products, services or restaurants in UK, the ‘’ is an excellent website to write your reviews. It’s gradually taking up as one of the best review portals due to its extremely easy and simple user interface.

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